May 28 2020
Team Incite

Meet Sri Preston
(U.S. House, TX-22)

May 28 2020
Team Incite


Sri Preston Kulkarni served overseas for more than 14 years, fighting to protect our national security and reduce conflict around the globe. 

After watching the breakdown of civility in America following the 2016 election, including the horrific events at the Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Sri recognized that the greatest danger to our democracy was not abroad, but the hyperpartisan tension right here at home preventing us from dealing with our most serious issues. 

Republican incumbent Pete Olson has been in Washington for more than a decade, but he’s only worked to fuel hyperpartisanship, not putting Texas families first. 

Sri has a different approach; he leads with compassion and decency. His campaign was the first to be run in 15 different languages, reflecting the diversity and strength of this community.

In 2018, Sri’s team came within 14,000 votes of flipping this district – closing a 30-point gap and surprising the pundits to put this race on the map for the first time. With your help, we can get this dynamic, forward-thinking leader over the finish line.

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