April 23 2020
The Incite Team

Meet MJ Hegar
(U.S. Senate, Texas)

April 23 2020
The Incite Team


MJ Hegar is a combat veteran, a working mom–and she is running for US Senate Texas.

MJ is a decorated Air Force veteran with Purple Heart for her service flying combat missions. She is also a fierce advocate for inclusion and helped change the military's Combat Exclusion Policy to enable women to serve in ground combat roles. 

Senator John Cornyn is not representing Texas values in office. He's made clear that he'd rather let partisan politics and his self-interest get in the way of serving all Texans. Texans deserve a Senator that’s accountable, and MJ’s holding his feet to the fire through her campaign. 

MJ is a career public servant, not a career politician. Her Senate campaign is nimble, building a powerful volunteer organizing network across the state. 

It may seem like a tall order to flip Texas’s Senate Seat. If there was ever a candidate to do the hard work, to campaign with passion, and to deliver a no-nonsense message, it’s MJ. 

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Chapter Titles: 

  • 00:00 - 00:33 | Introduction
  • 00:33 - 03:16 | Swati’s introduces MJ
  • 03:17 - 04:56 | MJ’s Leadership Story // “This campaign is an extension of the  [military] oath I took.” 
  • 04:56 - 06:57 | A Long Career of Public Service // “The people that I’ve been able to work with are what I am most proud of.” 
  • 06:57 - 08:41 | System-wide Change // “I don’t want to win this race and get there by myself and play in Mitch McConnell’s legislative graveyard.” 
  • 08:41 - 12:15 | Incumbent Senator John Cornyn Is Failing // “I wish that he would make it difficult to run against him, because he’s working for working Texans and helping people...but he is not.” 
  • 12:15 - 15:59 | Texas Waking Up // “We have registered over 2 million voters since 2016.” 
  • 15:59 - 18:41 | Major Issues in MJ’s Race //. “It’s so sad to me that life and death issues – that’s politics. That’s really disturbing to me. That is not politics.”
  • 18:41 - 19:37 | Endorsements // “We have so much support, really, support from Texans (nearly half a million Texans voted for me in the primary) is the endorsement that I value the most.”  
  • 19:37 - 25:09 | Campaigning Amidst COVID-19 // “We hyper-localize everything. We want to be talking about what is in the headlines of the local papers.”
  •   25:09 - 27:03 | Mom Life // “A lot of homeschooling. A lot of lightsaber battles.”
  • 27:03 - 27:56 | Conclusion // “Thank you for deploying with me.”
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