May 14 2020
Team Incite

Meet Michelle
(U.S. House, KS-02)

May 14 2020
Team Incite


“Public service is not about politics–it’s about people.”

This is the driving force behind Topeka Mayor Michelle De La Isla’s decision to run Kansas’s Second Congressional District. And her campaign is making her passion for service contagious. 

Michelle grew up fighting. She survived domestic violence, experienced homelessness, beat cancer, attended college as a single mother and defied the odds to help her family thrive. As Kansas has made so much opportunity possible for her family, Michelle has built a career in public service to pay it forward. 

Michelle knows firsthand what so many families across America are confronting - from not earning enough with a single job to afford rent and groceries, or wondering how they can afford child care as a single parent while attending school. That’s why she stepped up to serve her community as Mayor of Topeka. Now, she’s running to protect quality healthcare, meaningful jobs with a living wage, access to quality education and infrastructure to the state from Congress. If elected, Michelle will become the first Latina in Kansas’ Congressional delegation. 

We need hardworking, barrier-breaking public servants like Michelle in the House. This won’t be an easy race, but Michelle understands this district well and knows where to find and turn out the voters she needs to win in November. It helps that she’s running against Republican incumbent Steve Watkins who has voted against the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and opposed background checks for firearms–something over 80% of Americans support. In a state that’s. But, Watkins’ father set up a Super PAC to fund his first campaign in 2018 and Michelle will need all of our help to win.  

Michelle reflects the values of the people in the district she is running to represent. She has received the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and Emily’s List to name just a few. She can flip this seat blue if we all chip in and volunteer to support her. 

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