May 05 2020
Team Incite

Meet Jaime Harrison
(U.S. Senate, South Carolina)

May 05 2020
Team Incite

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Jaime Harrison is making history in South Carolina. 

A native of the palmetto state, Jaime knows firsthand both the promise of South Carolina, and the challenges that too many face today: inadequate healthcare, limited economic opportunity, and where hardworking people struggle to stay ahead. It’s why Jaime is running for office–to make South Carolina a place that offers opportunity for those who call it home. 

His is a campaign run on hard work and a vision to bring a government that works back to communities. And people across America are responding. 

Jaime Harrison has put South Carolina’s Senate seat in play. In the first quarter of 2020, Jaime out-fundraised his Republican opponent, incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham, by nearly $2M, smashing a fundraising record. More 500,000 Americans are powering his campaign - a grassroots army where the average contribution is $25. Notably, the ratings for his race have changed, and polling has him within sight of victory for what was once considered a longshot race.

Even Senator Graham’s supporters are jumping ship to support Jaime’s campaign. 

Jaime and his team are navigating the current crisis with compassion and grace–two qualities that Senator Graham has lost in his transformation into Donald Trump’s lapdog. South Carolinians deserve better. They deserve a Senator willing to work hard for them. 

We are proud to support Jaime Harrison. Listen to his story and let yourself be filled with hope for the future, not only of South Carolina but for our country. Jaime has momentum–a powerful message, a stellar campaign–and now he needs our support to make it to victory in November. 

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