May 19 2020
The Incite Team

Meet Candace Valenzuela
(U.S. House, TX-24)

May 19 2020
The Incite Team


Candace Valenzuela’s “why run?” comes from her personal experience. She knows what it is like to be homeless, to find refuge at school for meals, encouragement and care; to persevere through extreme hardship at a young age. And Candace knows we cannot address these issues if our leaders are more focused on appeasing donors and corporate PACs than representing their constituents.

Candace dedicated her professional life to giving back to the place that helped her survive as a child: school. She pursued work in education, mentoring youth, tutoring and working with special-needs students. 

Determined to fight for equitable access to education for more families in Texas, Candace ran for office for the first time in 2017, and was elected to the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District Board, defeating an 18-year incumbent. Since joining the board, she has been an advocate for greater fiscal transparency and worked to expand STEM and arts education, vocational training, and coding academies in district schools. She has also pushed for funding for school renovations and focused on making sure the district is inclusive and welcoming to students of all backgrounds. Including the kids that may have had to overcome similar challenges she faced as a student.

Candace has received an overwhelming slew of endorsements: Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Emily’s List, the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus–they believe, as we do, that Candace is the Democrat to flip this seat blue.

TX-24 is a key battleground district. This is an open seat; the Republican incumbent is not seeking reelection and his last election he squeaked by with a 3% margin of victory, meaning it's ripe for Democrats to pick up. A historically red district spanning Fort Worth to Dallas, TX-24 is primed for a new leader, for someone who truly cares about her constituents. Candace Valenzuela is that leader. Join us in supporting her

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