July 10 2020

Georgia On Our Mind

The Peach State is in many ways a microcosm of the larger struggle for the soul of American democracy that's playing out nationally–from the politicized response to the pandemic which is pitting the Governor against local leaders like Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, to racially charged violence-inciting protests, voter suppression and more.
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June 23 2020

Spend Smarter to Flip the Senate Blue

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who, like me, dreams about Mitch McConnell turning his gavel over to a Democratic Senate leader next January, we have to solve our coordination problem. Now.
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April 07 2020

Our 2020 Pledge Update: $200K to House and Senate

When we made our public commitment to invest $2 million in progressive candidates and political infrastructure for this election cycle, we didn’t yet realize the overwhelming and far-reaching impact that the COVID-19 pandemic would have across our country and our world, and in American political life. Today, we are pledging $200,000 to invest in nearly 60 key U.S. Senate and House of Representatives candidates.
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February 21 2020

 Our 2020 Pledge: Investing in a New Generation of Leadership

Since we started, we’ve dedicated ourselves to supporting leaders who are addressing the two deepest emergencies of our time: saving the planet and saving democracy. The stakes have never been higher. The future of our country and of our planet is on the ballot in 2020. We’re running out of time. We need to advance policies if we hope to make meaningful progress on existential challenges like the climate crisis, democratic processes and beyond. 
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February 14 2020

Fertility Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

How Future Family’s Trying-to-Conceive (TTC) Membership Plan helped me problem-solve from the comfort of my home. 
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February 07 2020

The Political is Personal: One Year on the Campaign Trail with My Friend, Pete

Matt and I have helped other candidates in the past, and even founded an organization with the mission of launching the next generation of Democratic candidates (called Arena), but this is the first time that we have put significant time and effort into a Presidential campaign.
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January 27 2020

Retrospective: 2019

In 2019, Incite deployed investments and grants to teams working on a wide range of solutions across consumer hardware, robotics, sustainable products, civic tools, carbon removal solutions, climate policy, election protections and advocacy focused on economic security. The common denominator? Values.
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December 04 2019

2019 Incite Gift Guide

We have put together the Incite Gift Guide to highlight some of our favorite things to give (and receive!). Not only are the products interesting, fresh and delightful, but the people who make them do so with the end goal of making the world a better place.
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September 27 2019

How My Company's Investment in Future Family Helped Me Get Pregnant

Our Chief of Staff, Keely Anson, sat down with the folks at Pregnantish to share more about her and her husband's fertility journey over the past two and a half years.
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August 08 2019

WATT IT TAKES – Powerhouse Interview with Matt Rogers

Powerhouse is an incubator and venture fund for clean energy entrepreneurs that backs the entrepreneurs building a decarbonized, digitized & decentralized grid. Powerhouse & Greentech Media present Watt it Takes, a monthly event and live podcast recording featuring founders of the biggest companies in clean energy and the personal stories behind the businesses they've built. Our co-founder, Matt Rogers, fresh off a 12+ hour flight from England, was interviewed by Emily Kirsch at the June Powerhouse event about his (and Nest's) origin story.
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July 26 2019

RHODES AHEAD PODCAST: Interview with Swati Mylavarapu

While speaking at the 2019 Rhodes Venture Forum in Oxford, Incite co-founder Swati Mylavarapu was featured on the RHODES AHEAD PODCAST.
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July 16 2019

"MY CLIMATE JOURNEY": Matt Rogers Interview by Jason Jacobs

Our very own Matt Rogers was the guest on Jason Jacobs's refreshingly candid, thought-provoking and altogether thoroughly enjoyable podcast, "MY CLIMATE JOURNEY." Check it out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.
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June 19 2019

from WIRED: Mayor Pete Enlists a Silicon Valley Vet to Bring in the Money

Presidential campaigns get compared to a lot of things: a marathon, a film. Or a battleship. An iceberg. An "MRI of the soul." More recently, the metaphor of choice has been the tech startup. Even amid a growing backlash to Big Tech, evoking a no-nonsense startup retains some appeal, with its suggestion of scrappy agility, innovation, and single-minded focus. But at least one candidate takes the idea more literally: Pete Buttigieg, the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana, whose campaign has rocketed from underdog to top-tier status seemingly overnight.
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May 17 2019

Nest: Mission-Driven Since Day One

We all know Nest as the company that creates beautifully-designed, user-friendly and altogether cool devices. But Nest is so much more than a collection of slick consumer tech products.
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March 25 2019

Non-Profits Need Seed Money, Too. Here's Why.

When we started Incite, we asked ourselves these simple, but provoking questions: how could the world change if passionate albeit budding social entrepreneurs were given the early capital and support needed to get their ideas off the ground? Additionally, could smaller grants be catalytic in a space where so many multi-billion dollar foundations dominate?  
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March 11 2019

Peace and Justice, Continued.

MONTGOMERY, AL. Reflections from the National Memorial for Peace and Justice with Public Rights Project.
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February 25 2019

An Incite Introduction

We founded because we understand the impact that an initial spark of money, support and talent can have for entrepreneurs.
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