Swati Mylavarapu

Finding small gems, investing in them, building teams, getting other like-minded supporters involved, combining the right ingredients for growth… that’s what Swati has done her entire career.

For starters, she invested in herself, getting degrees at Oxford and Harvard as a Rhodes scholar. She learned how great teams and companies are built from the inside at start-ups Quid & Square. Most recently, she learned how capital supports and amplifies entrepreneurs as a partner at KPCB.

Swati is an equestrian and enjoys a fun afternoon in the dressage ring.

Matt Rogers

Matt is a builder at heart. He started at Apple, building the software team for 10 generations of the iPod. He was one of the first engineers on the original iPhone and involved in the development of 5 iPhone generations, and the first iPad.

As co-founder of Nest, Matt built the team that built the first machine learning thermostat. And by doing so, has built the leading connected home brand — Nest.

Matt is a Star Wars enthusiast and can often be spotted playing with his Airedale terrier friend, Bingley.

Incite is comprised of three branches, each of which has its own area of focus:
Incite Ventures, LLC is an investment fund that supports mission-driven enterprises through investments in businesses with the potential to scale, inspire others, and make a difference.
Incite Labs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that makes grants and program-related investments to further charitable, educational, and scientific purposes.
Incite Politics is the name of the work of Incite’s founders, Swati Mylavarapu and Matt Rogers, to personally organize and support initiatives to pass legislation and elect candidates who approach our country’s issues from a fresh perspective.
*Incite Ventures and Incite Labs are separate organizations. Each pursues its own mission separately from Swati and Matt’s personal activities.